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We help make sure the shot counts so you can hit your target.

Our gun store has something for everyone. We carry just about everything from handguns to centerfire rifles to shotguns to black powder firearms. We offer brand new as well as pre-owned. Looking to upgrade? Bring in your gun and we’ll work something out. Special orders are welcome.

We also have a large selection of ammunition for a wide array of calibers. Bulk orders available.


Lead & Tackle Co. offers a wide range of ammunition for all of your target and sporting needs. Manufacturers including: Remington, Federal, Hornady, Winchester and many more. Ammo can be sold by the box or in bulk.

Receiving ammo orders daily. Contact us for availability.

Glock Blue Label Dealer

Lead & Tackle is a certified Blue Label Dealer. Blue Label Dealers can offer discounted Blue Label GLOCK pistols to eligible military and law enforcement officials. More info on

Who is qualified for a Glock Blue Label LE?

  • Federal Flight Deck Officers

  • Police Officers: Active & Retired

  • Sheriffs Deputies: Active & Retired

  • Military: Current, Reserve, & Retired

  • National Guard

  • Firemen, Volunteer Firemen, EMTs, TSA Personnel

  • Private Security Firms & Officers

  • Federal Agents: Active & Retired

  • District Attorneys & Judges


Some of the guns & ammo products we carry…

Gun & Ammo Brands

Some of the gun & ammo brands we carry…

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