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Equipment doesn’t stay perfect forever.
Let us help to make sure it lasts.

Lead &  Tackle doesn’t just sell the best equipment around, we make sure it stays working properly for years to come!

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Gun Cleaning

Keeping your firearm clean and well cared for is important to ensure your firearm operates properly and is safe to handle. However, sometimes you don’t have the time to clean or service your firearm, so that’s why we offer several cleaning and firearm service options for you to consider.


Buy gear at the shop or somewhere else, we’ll help you fit it right. Just ask and we’ll lend a hand.

• Scopes
• Sights
• Grips
• Straps
• & More


Repairing and fixing old or new firearms is no problem. Drop them off at the shop and let us know the issue and we’ll take a look.

Or if you have an accoriessory you’d like to add to your firearm such as a scope, grip, or choke, we can help you out with that!

Glock Blue Label Dealer

Lead & Tackle is a certified Blue Label Dealer. Blue Label Dealers can offer discounted Blue Label GLOCK pistols to eligible military and law enforcement officials. More info on

Who is qualified for a Glock Blue Label LE?

  • Federal Flight Deck Officers

  • Police Officers: Active & Retired

  • Sheriffs Deputies: Active & Retired

  • Military: Current, Reserve, & Retired

  • National Guard

  • Firemen, Volunteer Firemen, EMTs, TSA Personnel

  • Private Security Firms & Officers

  • Federal Agents: Active & Retired

  • District Attorneys & Judges

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